WG3 is working on the creation of a network that enables fruitful collaborations between researchers and end-user communities. Therefore, WG3 shall work on guidance and training on provided services to public institutions and private companies as well as to increase the international visibility of services to attract new users and establish feedback mechanisms to evaluate the service value. In particular, the present Action will try to network countries from Northern Africa and the Middle East.

  • Task 3.1. Identify potential user communities (institutions, private companies, etc.) that can benefit from the use of dust products.

  • Task 3.2. Build capacity of end-users to promote the use of dust products and to address the risks associated with airborne dust and mainstream them.

  • Task 3.3. Provide guidance, training and marketing for established services to increase international visibility, and establish feedback mechanisms to evaluate their value to society and the economy.

  • Task 3.4. Dissemination of the project results for the scientific community.

  • Task 3.5. Establish a discussion forum between research and user communities to ask for their needs as well as show potential products.

All the achievements and outcomes resulting from this WG3 on dissemination materials and events are also done in coordination with the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Sand and Dust Storms Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS-WAS) Regional Center for Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe to enhance their visibility and their access.