WG1: Observations

WG1 is working on the identification and catalogue of dust (ground-based and satellite) observations best suited to be transferred to modelling groups and end-users. It will review existing quality assurance and communication practices and propose harmonised reporting procedures, following the guidance of the GEO’s Quality Assurance for Earth Observation (QA4EO) initiative. Additionally, WG1 will identify critical gaps in the current observational capacity (including the availability of observational products in near-real-time) and consider the most appropriate integration of different observation practices and datasets. WG1 will also propose formats and protocols for data harmonisation and NRT data exchange.

  • Task 1.1. Review, assess and adapt existing techniques, methodologies, and best practices for the quality assurance of dust-related observations.

  • Task 1.2. Identify and catalogue observation methods and products, and assess their suitability for different users.

  • Task 1.3. Identify observation gaps in terms of parameters and operational capabilities.

  • Task 1.4. Adapt or develop data formats and protocols for data harmonisation and NRT exchange. This task will be in coordination with WG2.

  • Task 1.5. Produce recommendations to document and communicate the quality and maturity level of existing and future products.

  • Task 1.6. Interact with WG2 on the specific needs of the modelling community: defining joint exercises for models evaluation and intercomparison for showcasing the potential for data assimilation in dust forecast.

All the achievements and outcomes resulting from this WG1 on dust observations are also transferred to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) Sand and Dust Storms Warning Advisory and Assessment System (SDS-WAS) Regional Center for Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe to enhance their visibility and facilitate their access.